Since 1985, Equator Productions has proudly produced contemporary designs using the same skill and craft of Tibetan artisans that have been perfected over thousands of years. Tibetan rug weaving is a unique tradition that has developed in isolation from other cultural influences. Utilizing stationary vertical looms and a senneh knot technique, luxurious Tibetan wool is hand spun and knotted around each crossing of a warp and weft, creating a tight, durable, and rich carpet.

Everything is created by our experienced artisans; we do not manufacture any of our carpets using child labor. Raw wool from the high Himalayas is sorted by hand to remove any foreign material. The wool is then separated based on its natural color, and combed through to prepare the material for spinning In  a process referred to as ‘carding’. The spinning process takes place on a traditional Nepalese spinning wheel, known as a ‘charkha’. Afterward, yarn is dyed using a swiss chrome azo-free dye or vegetable dye as per clients request.

Custom designs are created by weaving graphs of our artists’ designs. Once the weaving is complete, newly created rugs are removed from the loom and clipped using scissors called ‘khapsi’, to smooth and texture the surface. The carpets are washed with long wooden flappers and natural soaps and are then hung and dried in direct sunlight for 4-7 days. After drying, the carpets are stretched on a metal frame for at least 24 hours to perfect the shape before finally being reviewed one last time by our artisans.