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Equator Production was founded by Petra and Ranbir Singh, and art impresario Reiner Opoku in 1985. After a long hiatus and a trip to Nepal, Petra Singh decided to revive the operation in full. Collaborating with art historian Dr. Cornelia Lauf of artist agency GoldenRuler, Rome, Equator is proposing a new repertoire of carpets to be hand-knotted at our international studios. These carpets will be designed by prominent artists comfortable with concept and delegation – but attentive to manual savoir-faire, and all its cultural depth. Our current list of artists includes Heimo ZobernigJoseph KosuthLiam Gillick, Ken LumAlan BelcherJulião SarmentoEmilia and Ilya Kabakov, and Jonathan Monk.

We seek to restore the vital connection between the artist and the interior. By commissioning carpet designs from contemporary international artists and orchestrating the execution and production of these designs in limited editions by traditional weavers,  we seek to fuse both artistic processes, creating a long lost symbiosis between conception and production. We desire to collaborate with artists who want to incorporate their practice into the larger narrative of artistic historical relevance. The primary roster of artists commissioned by Equator Production from 1985-2003 has included Rosemarie Trockel, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Joseph Kosuth, Guillaume Bijl, Walter DahnGeorg DokoupilRob Scholte Peter Nagy, Mark Dagley, Curtis Anderson, Mike Bidlo, Christian Schuman and Albert Oehlen.  

Our carpets have been displayed at many venues including the Venice Biennale, the Museum Fodor, Amsterdam; the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh; the Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn; the Kunstverein Hannover, and the Kunstforeningen Copenhagen, among others. They are in the collection of the Groningen Museum of Contemporary Art; the Tilburg Textile Museum and the Vienna Museum of Fine Arts